Remote Virtual Coffee or Lunch with coworkers

Enable collaboration and productivity by grouping coworkers together randomly for lunch or virtual coffee events.

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Lunch Roulette - Collaboration by grouping coworkers randomly for lunch. | Product Hunt

We work together in the same office every day but team collaboration starts with people connection.



Improves relationships between ‘all’ coworkers.


Inclusive Culture

It helps companies to enable a holistic team culture by strengthening communication.



Unlocks the power of getting together with coworkers from different departments.


Break the Ice

A sweet affordance for people to communicate even if they don’t work closely.

It is not another Slack lunch bot!

Lunch Roulette is not about going out for lunches. We organize lunches or online coffee chats for everyone in the company and create random groups. We aim for inclusion and collaboration between departments.

Virtual Remote Coffee or Lunch,
it’s your choice!

 Virtual Coffee Chats

We include the remote friendly coffee chat roulettes. The best way to socialize with distance. It works perfectly for Zoom, Slack, or Teams video chats.

🌮 Lunch Roulettes

Empower all teammates to have randomly selected weekly lunch groups.

❤️ Support Locals

Consider ordering some takeout and support your locals.

🎯 Long term effect

It is not for one time events, we focus the long term employee happiness.

🎛️ Reporting

Understand your coworkers and make your roulettes measurable.

🛎️ Instant Trigger

Sometimes you just want to match colleagues right now!


Manage your lunches or virtual chats properly

Organizing events are great for team building. We know that it is not an easy process and it is also quite expensive if you think that you usually get good memories that doesn’t last long.

Lunch Roulette is more like a long term solution that breaks the ice between coworkers and enables the organization to operate better. It is not a one-time solution, we focus on the long term. And about our pricing? It is definitely not comparable with the price you pay for an event, besides we also have a free version so you can play with it.

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👯 Multiple roulettes

Not everyone is working in the same location. You can create multiple lunch roulettes for each of your locations.

🎚 Define the group size

You can set a group size from 2 to 8. Our algorithm will do its best to get people out for lunch even if it doesn’t meet the given size.

🎯 High participation rate

It is not any other lunch app. Lunch Roulette asks every individual in private and gets approval first. No more lunches where nobody shows up.

Try it out now for free

We want that every company should benefit of getting people together therefore we have a free plan which will always stay as free.

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