Lunch Roulette with coworkers

Enable collaboration and productivity by grouping coworkers together randomly for lunch or any other occasion.

We work together in the same office every day but team collaboration starts with people connection



Improves relationships between ‘all’ coworkers


Team Culture

Helps companies to enable a holistic team culture by strengthening communication.

slack lunch app


Unlocks the power of getting together with coworkers of other departments.


Break the Ice

A sweet affordance for people to communicate even if they don’t work closely.

It is not another Slack lunch bot!

Lunch Roulette is not about going out for lunches. We organize lunches for everyone in the company and create random lunch groups. We aim inclusion and collaboration between departments.

Manage your lunches properly

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We want that every company should benefit of getting people together therefore we have a free plan which will always stay as free.