We are ร–mรผr Turan and Mehmet Perk from Berlin. We build products which are lean, useful and just works.

We think that Lunch Roulette is a great one. But in the end, it is you who’s gonna decide if it is good or not.

We want to reintroduce the human factor

We have witnessed the inevitable effect of dysfunctional workspaces in growing startups. This is not a secret and it’s normal.

There are thousands of tools or apps to cure this organizational problem, but all of them are new things to work, focus, maintain on. It usually makes the complex life more complex.

We know that this can be fixed only by connecting and communicating more. People understand organizations better by connecting with peers. As we discover more about coworkers, we discover more about the company.

Therefore, we decided to contribute with our experience to change that. We tried Lunch Roulette in some companies as a private bot and saw the positive effect immediately. So we decided to think wider and enable any organization with Slack to benefit from it.


We don’t care about your data,
we care about your privacy.

We built Lunch Roulette to do our mission of being good. We like good products and we are makers in our DNA. We are not a shady corporate, just 2 friends who already built more than a dozen products. We have no marketing team. We don’t like ads. We don’t sell, use, or process any kind of customer data.

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Say Hello

If you want to contact us, or just need some help, reach out to us.
Weโ€™re available: mehmet [at] lunchroulette.co